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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Energy Efficient Home Design

With the more expensive cost of electrical energy, the architects have developed several ways to design a home that is by utilizing the windows as the source of natural illumination and means out the entry of fresh air into the room.
Skylight Window Design
 One way to make it happen is to apply a window type skylights. Skylights is a window made of glass and transparent acrylic material is then placed on the ceiling of the room. Its function is to channel natural light from exposure to sunlight when the daylight into the room as a replacement lamp. According to The U.S. Department of Energy's the Federal Energy Management Program, exploiting exposure to sunlight streamed through the skylights can save you up to 80% of energy use in the home. In terms of costs, these institutions reported that many commercial buildings that can reduce the total cost of the energies of up to 1/3 of the utilization of this system are performed optimally.

You are looking for a reference window design for proper residential skylights dreams? The following picture and image below serve some references that may be the source of your inspiration.
Use Skylight windows in the ceiling of the bathroom will certainly be a challenge unto itself. Use the design window in order for succulence swinging air can always awake.

As long as the sun shines through the skylights, kitchen room this will definitely always impressed warm and sunny. The right choice to become a family favorite rooms.

Dare to try putting  Skylight Windows in the bedroom? Well, You won't be able to wake up the threatened during the day, ya! ;)

You live in localities densely population thus limiting the presence of the windows on the side next to the House? Placing  Skylight Windows in the ceiling can be a solution.

Living room with simple setup but still impressed warm through exposure to sunlight that streamed skylights.
Are you ready to apply  Skylight Windows in the dwelling of your dreams?  Consult this desire in building expert to get the best advice and solutions. Congratulations to create eco-friendly home!

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