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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lightning Rod Protect Your Home from the Storm and Lightning

Lightning Rod
Lightning rod is a very important equipment in a building no longer be complementary goods but has become a major requirement of the building in each country, especially for countries in the range of geographic location of the equator. Lightning and storm events often encountered when entering the rainy season and high-intensity back in the rainy season. This is caused by various factors, one of which is a high humidity factor due to the location where the event is the island where the ocean is more than its land area is what causes many clouds as a result of evaporation, wind blowing constantly producing friction between the clouds, and also the hot sun to give temperature difference between land and cloud formation, causing a lot of water vapor

So the presence of these factors become the main driver of lightning, so the occurrence of lightning is due to the forcible separation of positive and negative electrical charges on the particles of water during evaporation. And for whatever reason, to avoid lightning storms, each building should be better equipped with lightning rods
A lightning rod is a metal rod  electrically bonded using a wire mounted on top of a building, to interface with ground or "earth" through an electrode,  protecting the building in the event of lightning strike that  could start a fire or cause electrocution lightning, but it will preferentially strike the rod and be conducted to ground through the wire, instead of passing through the building.The lighting rod requires a connection to earth to perform its protective function. Lightning rods come in many different forms, including hollow, solid, pointed, rounded, flat strips or even bristle brush-like: copper or aluminum. The main attribute of all lightning rods is they are conductive.

Tower Lightning Rods

Skyline Lightning Rod

Residential Lightning Rod