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Monday, December 5, 2011

Types of Home Design

Mansion Design

If we would build a house, must first choose a home design in accordance with a desirable home by the family, budget, location and environment.
Several types of home design are as follows :

Mansion Designs / Super Large House.
Design home for the super-large house or better known as the mansion, or a large building, is a super building completed with various amenities in it. The house is large, roomy, lots of bedrooms, luxury kitchen, spacious parking lot, spacious parks, sports facilities / fitness, swimming pools, places of worship, we all definitely versatile shadow Large and Complete.

Luxury Home Designs.
Luxury Home Design is  design of a large house with full facilities, although its size below the mansion, but the luxury home available all of its facilities, the only difference being the size and layout of its course is more ergonomic and maximum.

Modern Home Designs.
Modern home design is design of house that refers to the trend in the home at that time. Building of modern home can also use the latest all-round material, with the facility interior, exterior and the technology applied in the present as well
Fresh Home Design.
Home design, which refers to the construction of home by providing space for the greening the vast, so impressive cool, fresh and comfortable.

Environmentally Friendly Home Design.
Home design refers to the nature of technology adaptation, the maximum utilization of natural energy such as: solar energy, cool fresh air, utilizing wood, natural stone, wind, water, and good on the surrounding environment.
Minimalist Home Design.
Minimalist Home Design is a design home that refers to the practicality, functionality multipurpose, land use and space cleverly, the use of the material that is minimalist but attractive.

Mansion Design

Interior Design
Luxury Home Design

Interior Luxury Home Design

Fresh Air Home Design

Modern Home Design
Japanesse Home
Mediteranian Home Design
Bali Home Design

Luxury Home Interior Design