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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Interior Design Ideas : Modern Classical Bedroom

Classical Modern Bedroom
Classical Modern Bedroom is designed with modern interior but old-fashioned methods. Look at the type of old-style table and chairs in this room, as well as a small box-shaped glass windows, heavy curtains adorned the warm atmosphere of the bedroom. All of  this indicates that the bedroom is still old-fashioned. While the modern bedroom indicated, without hinged windows that are not easily opened or closed, and also with lots of wall mounted light switches and temperature control button. Spring bed also shows a modern bedroom


  1. Modern Interior Design focuses on two important aspects: aesthetics and functionality. Apart from the characteristic shapes and lines, modern furniture pieces are both attractive and purposeful. Thanks for sharing wonderful post.

  2. Classic design with a modern look is a great idea. Make my house provides such type unique ideas to improve your House Design.