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Friday, February 24, 2012

Futuristic of Furniture Concept

If your living room is small, like a living room in an apartement, then to choose a sofa that is needed, we should consider between the comfort and spaciousness of the room.
Of course at first is very difficult for us to sacrifice style and comfort that is caused by the small space of our living room.
Then what should we think about when in the fact that the small sofa is that we need.
Some of the things we have to do is:
1. Find information about sofas through internet literature and the people in need.
2. Choose some examples of pictures of the sofa to suit the needs of the room.
3. Sofa which is used in the small living room should also still look stylish and trendy.
4. The motifs cover should also appear to be simple yet elegant.
5. If you already like the style of the sofa is there, but the colour is less appropriate, change the cover sofa with motifs which are more appropriate, for example, cover a sofa with yellow flowers design for leafy green room walls are colored dark brown and beige, or contemporary motifs, such as the combination of a plain beige, black and neutral colors.
6. The size of sofas commonly used in small room is 72 inches or smaller i.e., 63 inch, 58-inch and 48-inch. It  depends on the size of the room was available. It is usual for small spaces that would better fit the sofa without arms, these conditions will enhance the impression of the room will look more spacious.
Sometimes we will receive many guests. So, choose furniture that can change its shape in just seconds into the Sofa L type and some simple chairs. This concept may be increasingly popular with more and more people living in urban areas with limited living area. And apparently the concept will be the futuristic of furniture concept.

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