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Friday, February 17, 2012

The Lighting in Luxury House

Comfortable Living Room
Luxury house with a large and tall buildings, of course has a special attraction for anyone. In addition to an attractive design, home-forming elements, the concept of adaptation, lighting is one element that should not be overlooked in building a house. Including the mansion. The ideal lighting will make the house better and healthier. How does the concept of lighting on luxury homes typically have large spaces, and building height?
Great Living Room
Know about Lighting. Lighting or illumination is one element that has great potential in healthy humans. Light is not only useful for physical health but also have a major impact on psychological health, why is that? Light which of course makes a good psychological effect on humans so it is suitable for those who always wanted to move dynamically, and more energetic. In contrast to the dim light that is more suitable for someone who wants to rest, relax, and more slowly in the move. Herein lies the importance of lighting management for someone to be able to regulate how much light it needs in the home. Light is less than required will impact distress. Light during the day will nourish the body, while the light at night is more work to light so that it can see in the dark. In terms of physical health, the light is less than required will undermine the sense of the eye, which can cause accidents.
Spacious Living Room
Elegant Living Room
Is not difficult to create natural lighting in a luxury home. Luxury house itself has broad terms of the ideal criteria, design, and building height. It will not be difficult for you to adjust the lighting on your luxury home. You can create a wide opening, such as large-scale window openings at least 20% of room floor area. Windows can be made up most of the walls of the house, and overlooks the garden. Constraints that usually happens is if the mansion is located in a housing which has a side wall attached to the neighbors, although a large house it is quite disturbing light in the home setting. The solution is to start the front room, like a living room and family room, dining room, and kitchen and rear porch is made open, so that light can enter from the front side and back side of the house.
Bedrooms should be facing toward the east, the direction the sun rises so that it can help biological rhythms because we will wake up in the morning sunlight.The breakfast room can be set in the open space, such as near parks. This will help you to get sunlight at 7 and 8 in the morning. Warehouses and garages should be avoided from sunlight as this may damage the oil, chemicals stored there.