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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Exterior Design : Glass Wall Exterior Design

Glass Exterior Design is always the feel of luxury and elegance in home building. It is not surprising if these elements are widely used for application at some parts, especially for windows design and doors design. Even for homes with modern style, the glass design is more often applied to the wall. An example is the modern home design combined with contemporary style and comprises of two floors. Almost all the walls are located at the front of all use of glass walls, called Glass walls design. To add to the impression of a more luxurious, the glass used is a kind of mirror glass that is able to catch sight of the object or objects in front of her.

Glass Wall Design
To the lower floor design, walls of glass made into five sections. Three sections in the middle of an ordinary mirror glass are separated by a black frame. While the glass wall at the far left, a window consisting of several rectangular pieces of glass. Lid open system using a tool that can move all the pieces of glass together. Appears in a contemporary style and use of this window models. While the wall is located at the far right also functioned as a window, but using a different opening and closing system. Frames also use black, but with a wider size. It makes the window had a view that is somewhat different and more striking than the other glass wall design.

On the right side, there is open space used as a patio or veranda. On the left corner, there is a hallway with no doors that function to access into the house. Interestingly enough, this hall is equipped with a ladder staircase that is placed on the inside. In fact usually the ladder staircase always been set up at the front or bottom floor. Wall located on the terrace is partly also uses glass walls that blend with the other glass walls that are at the right side. While the other wall is the wall of a given normal light beige color. On the terrace there are also several small pillars for anchoring loads to the floors above. This is the color of the pillars of gray. Floor located at the top, also uses the same concept. But because it has a longer face size, the number of walls of glass that is used too much.

Another difference is, the walls are located at the far right also functioned as a window, like the walls are located at the far left. Furthermore the glass wall around the lower and upper floors, there is a bright white line is the edge of the wall next to the left and right and top and bottom of the building. Alloy glass walls and a white light produces a very artistic, modern and elegant.

Furthermore, to bring the feel of a natural and environmentally friendly, the roof or top of the building was given some ornamental plants in pots and placed in boxes made permanent and blend with the building of the house. Ornamental plants that are used come from the same type. Similarly, the large size and height. In addition to create an impression of a more natural, the existence of an ornamental plant whose leaves are not so lush it also make the house look more lush and beautiful.

Moreover, coupled with the presence of fresh grass in the front yard downstairs, combined with the arrangement of paving blocks of gray on the right. The characters look more beautiful and elegant in a more tangible.