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Friday, March 30, 2012

Home Design : The Creation of Space-Efficient Design

In countries with rapid technological developments, education center has always been a target of students from developing countries, especially for those who will reach higher levels of education, such as master's or doctoral level. However, usually the major constraints is the cost factor, so that some of them sometimes cancel the intention to study in developed countries due to lack of funds, especially for the cost of rental housing is increasingly expensive. Also many people who feel the high cost of living big city for rental housing. Employees who come from a small town but because of his job then he should stay in the city, will feel the high cost of rent where he lives.  
Some Homes Designer who have a concern for low-cost housing problem for students or low-income workers, is currently preoccupied to develop an interior design  that provides little room with a design that the aspect of comfort, health and togetherness in the family home is considered
Image shown below is the creation of space efficiency in small apartement. A house that was originally only able to accommodate 4 people, with the creation of space-efficient, will be able to accommodate 8 to 12 people. Thus, of the rent can be a lot cheaper, is not it?

creation of space-efficient design