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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Exterior Design : Making the Roof as Point of View

Making the roof as Point of View

Most of the houses, often using a facade that was in the front as the point of view or focus of the main view. But the house as seen in this picture is very different. Because the element is used as a point of view is the roof of the building located at the top.

Before getting into the house, we will find a wall or a field that uses materials such as granite and molded bricks. Shape of this wall has unique value, because its position is not straight but slightly angled toward the front.

The function of this wall is to protect land that is above so as not to fall or slide down. Because the land is used to make the building of a house located on higher land. Although only serves as a levee, but the granite walls display is also able to add aesthetic value to the building as a whole.

Foundation used to make home building also made higher, so the position of the house also becomes higher. At the front of the foundation is given a bright white line that makes the foundation look more bright and artistic look. Only then building a house built on this foundation.

The location of the buildings built by taking a position somewhat to the rear, not in place just above the foundation. While the wall is located on the front using a clear glass makes the display can be seen from outer space. The front wall which is at an additional building located next to the main building also uses the same material. Similarly, the doors are installed or used at the site.

The glass wall is made in sections, using a frame that was given a brown color giving rise to a more fresh and familiar. At the top, made of glass walls with a smaller size and shape of a rectangular box.

While the wall is located on the side, a view that is no less unique. The front, this wall using materials such as granite stone walls that used to make the levee earlier. While at the center, the glass re-applied.

Which makes the display glass wall looks very unique and beautiful is, the walls are covered with small timber arrangement. The composition of wood was designed in such a way that looks like arrangement of the transverse bars and curved.

So when viewed at a glance, it looks like a tube, but rather oval and split into two. Arrangement is made with thin wood, glass walls so that the display remains clearly visible.

The next part of the roof which served as the point of view have a very special appearance. In the main building, roof shape is like a triangle that is short and protrudes toward the front. But the side that is on the right made curved and fell down, almost level with the arrangement of wood that is on the glass wall earlier. Furthermore the top and bottom of the roof face and was given a bright white color.The use of white light is what makes the roof look very elegant and luxurious and elegant. While other buildings are located next to the side of the main building, the roof is used also uses the same concept. Just a straight shape in a position parallel to the roof of the main building. Although there are differences in shape, but the view of two roof is still seen together.



Look of the house is even more perfect when the bias light of beauty lighting techniques are applied can shed light on the roof, especially at the bottom or the ceiling in front of or beyond.