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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Furniture of Living Room : Sofa

Comfort of a sofa depends on the type of spring used, both for the back of the sofa or seat pad. Spring will united with the body frame of the sofa. The spring rolls are usually made ​​of wire with a diameter of 10 cm fitted lined with a certain distance. Or it could be made ​​of the woven rubber straps. Or a special type of webbing jute burlap, nailed to a wooden frame around the body, and at a certain distance so as not to shift zigzag bound when someone sits on it.

Wooden Sofa Design
Padding made ​​of foam. Sometimes the use of steel coil springs for sofa pads save the use of foam so it can reduce expenses.
The use of foam quality is very important in determining the life of a sofa. A comfortable seat will users be comfortable to sit for long on the couch, then what is the criteria of comfortable sofas to sit on?. Pads are too hard will not be comfortable to sit, but if too soft also not good, so as to cause the spring when there are people sitting on it is lost, and make a loose upholstery so it looks less tidy.
One component that determines the comfort of a sofa couch is also located on the back. Backrest can be made of foam, dacron or goose down depending on the shape of the back and taste.
With the back of the foam, then the form of a sofa in a neat, because it can support the form of foam backrest. While the rest of dacron intended to model a pillow-shaped backrest, other materials can be used of goose feathers, but this will make the price more expensive sofa.
The key lies in the use of the beauty of the upholstery sofa. Upholstery materials are very diverse both local and imported products. Wider choice of these can provide many alternatives to the sofa, so that the sofa can be customized with the room decor and style. Types of upholstery can be made ​​of thick fabrics or leather, because there is a kind of leather or synthetic leather is commonly known as PVC or Oscar.
The frame body of a sofa can also be made ​​of steel pipe which is formed by the welding method. To avoid corrosion, the frame body should be in the paint or chrome.
Finishing the process of making steel-framed sofa is almost the same as the process of making sofa with wooden frame, but the look of the final result would be very different. Wooden sofa appears to be more classic than steel sofa, which looks stumpy.

Sofa Design1

Wood Sofa Design

Steel Frame Sofa Design

Steel Frame Sofa Design1

Modern Sofa Design

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