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Friday, April 20, 2012

Exterior Design :Combination of Modern Houses and Classical Tower

Modern House & Classical Tower Design
The 2 buildings as seen in the picture above seems to use different concepts that could produce the sensation of a very beautiful and spectacular. Moreover, coupled with lighting techniques that create an impression of a more beautiful and dramatic.

Design a house with a very classic style turned out to be combined with other styles that are very modern. Even blend two very different styles are actually able to produce beautiful shades tend to be even dramatic. These dramatic effects arise not only from the design model of the building, but also the use of highly contrasting colors and contrast.

Examples are building a house as seen in the image above. At the front, house design uses the concept of modern-style house. The building consists of two parts, where the main building has a slightly curved shape, is located next to the building over the arch curving again and headed straight toward the back.

Dominant white color of milk on the floor and wall able to bring the atmosphere of a very bright but still cool and comfortable. The use of glass on the walls and doors of this building would make the display look more Modern and contemporary character led to a stronger and thicker.

For the top or second floor, glass walls are still applied, but combined with a regular wall. Shape of the glass wall that is not this a very special appearance. His position was in the middle, between the glass wall on the left side and the glass wall on the right. The form is also curved, the shape of the building face.

On the back of this building there are two other buildings or tower-shaped tower. Architectural forms are spectacular and have a very different view of houses in front. The design concept is applied to the tower is a classic style, and use of natural stone types of andesite. As the name implies, the tower or the tower is a measure of higher and rising. The building is a hexagon shape. On the wall in front, there are some small windows in the form of four rectangular boxes.

Furthermore, on the back of the tower, there is another tower that looks smaller but still one with a large tower. The shape of hexagons and also had a higher size.