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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Interior Design : Antique Furniture

Antique Fireplace
Antiques are often not just be decorating homes, but also a marker of wealth of the owner. That's because the hallmark of antiques is a high value due to age and the rare and hard to come by. Typically, a household goods, furniture or decorative arts objects featuring the beauty, or period of origin. Buying and collecting antiques is so popular worldwide hobby. With a house adorned with antiques, the atmosphere could be a memorable classic. Some antiques may even be a worthwhile investment. However, not always of old objects can be regarded as antiques.  There are certain criteria that must be considered when you hunt for antiques. Here are four things to consider when buying antiques, as quoted from some notes of the antiquities expert.

Ancient Wall Tapestry 17 Century

                  1.     VALUE.
     Antiques are not necessarily expensive but also not cheap. Antiques are meant to be appreciated and cared for. Many antique items into assets with value that increases over time. Before making purchases of antiques, consider the authenticity of antiques. If you want to buy high-quality antique table today, the value could rise within a few years, depending on how market conditions.Some reproduction furniture usually has a unique intrinsic value, but the genuine antiques would be better. And if the seller does not understand its history, find out the other signs. Such as, date of manufacture which may be engraved on the object. Sure would be nice if the seller knows the history of antiques, you may not need to doubt its authenticity.  
    Another consideration before buying antiques is to see the conditions. Many experts recommend that the collector of antiques for a particular piece is not clear because the signs of age are part of the value of the goods. However, another element to consider is the origin, or ownership history. If the seller can provide ownership papers or photographs of the early owners of antiques, these items can be very valuable. Knowing the initial owner of the goods could be evidence that the goods are really worth. This is much it easier to authenticate antiques if the original owner can be identified, including the sale of the remaining bills. View the detailed shape model .Give respect  to  the process. Many antiques have a unique shape, whether it be seen from the sculpture, the art of color and flavor of the author. Notice periods and styles dominate. For example, what is the dominant form when you buy an antique chair. Model and design lines of Antiquities could indicate the age of the goods.
3.      CARE and CLEANING
     Caring for antiques is not difficult. But it must be cleaned regularly. Some items even have to be cleaned with a soft cloth, such as furniture. To maintain the luster and furniture that are durable, dust-dust must be cleaned. The beauty of antique furniture that has been cleared, indicating that the owner has full compassion to care for her for years. Do not store the furniture in the sun because it will fade the color. Antique furniture had to be treated with caution.
     Show off your best antiques. Do not store the antiques in the basement or attic. The best place in the space so that you and your guests can enjoy its beauty. In fact, in a room with a super-modern design, you can put a 400-year-old antiques. This will create a unique atmosphere in contrast to the room so be even more special. Impression of elegance and atmosphere of the house may appear more alive. Instead, select antiques that describe personality style, or your taste. Purchase antiques that you love and care as well. An antiques are carefully selected to be an integral part of your home. In fact, if revealed to the children, could be a part of family history.

Antique Cupboard
Antique Chandelier

Antique Chair

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Director Table

Antique Cabinet Furniture

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