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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bali Home Design

Bali Home Design
Bali is an island in Indonesia which is one of the most beautiful island in the world. Some things that are unique on the island include rice field irrigation systems, called Subak, traditional dances such as the Pendet, Sanghyang, Rejang, Barong, Legong, etc.., culture, landscapes, and the design house of Bali. 

Bali Dancing
Original Bali Home Design Concept
Some elements that affect the design of the original home of bali is the philosophical aspect, ethical aspects and aspects of the ritual.
The concept of housing being Hindus show the shape of a balance between nature God, human nature and nature Bhuta (environment) are realized in a single residential dwelling there is a place of worship and a comfortable yard for prayer.


Bali Home Design Concept.
Because of the buildings on the east side is considered as the most sacred building, the floor of the building should be higher than the others. Building used as a sacred place for the family called 'Merajan'.
The kitchen as a place to cook using a fire, placed in the west (southwest) to the left of the entrance area of the house. This is because according to the concept of 'Asta Bhumi, this place is where the Fire God  (Dewa Api) residing in the house.
Wells and rice storage barn as a dwelling place 'Gods of Water'  (Dewa Air) and 'God of Rice' (Dewi Padi), placed on the east or north of the kitchen to the right of the entrance door of the house.

Modern Livingroom of Bali Home Design

Building used as a bedroom-called “ Balai Bandungplaced to the north, while the living room  called " Balai Adat " or " Balai Gede " located on the east side of the kitchen and the south of the bedroom. Other support buildings located in the south parlor.
If in one building there are several entrances, the main door should be higher and larger than the other door. The main door should be shaped gate decorated with sculptures and wood carvings.
Ponds in the yard of Bali house must be on flat ground. Land should not be dug up to make the ponds.

The Old Entrance

Bali Patio

Gamelan (music) Hall

The door of Bali home

A place to pray

Bali irrigation system concept.

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