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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dining Room Design Ideas

Dining Room Country Design
The dining room is a comfortable place to gather with family
Comfortable dining room requires certain conditions, among others:
1. Dining table whose size is adjusted by the number of seats. Shape of the table has a variety of different properties in creating the dining room.
2. Minimum number of seats equal to the number of family members. Thus all members of the family can gather together at the same time.
3. Storage cabinets must be designed so that food stored with hygenis .. Storage cupboard in the dining room will help ease the storage and arrangement of the dining room. One thing to keep in mind, you should have a filing cabinet drawers for storing spoons, forks and dinner knife.
The dining room will feel more comfortable if you have adequate ventilation so that the air was fresh. It will increases the appetite and energy saving. This is due to the light, which must come from nature. 5. Chandelier placed above the dinner table is used as accessories for the dining room, especially when used at night. The Chandelier's white balance that can  raise and lower the intensity of light, will greatly help the creation of the dining room is comfortable, exciting and more romantic when it comes to dinner.
Residential Dining Room

Colored Dining Room Design Idea
Small Family Dining Room
Sometimes, these tables are used for dinner and other meals when you want to eat while watching television.
Classical Dining Room Image
Folding Dining Table