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Friday, April 13, 2012

Home Design : The Round Wooden House Design

Components from wooden changes can be used to make a Home with a exclusive look and contemporary. An example is the Home made building rentals or resident and in the location of Norway or Sweden or at many snowy pine hill. Home design designed in the form of an uncommon, namely a circular Home or round wooden house.

Wooden House Design
Bright yellow pine wood is used as the main ingredient to make the wall outside. The atmosphere is very bright and fresh but still naturally arise from the use of bright colors of this wood.
From the front of the center, there was a space that protrudes forward position. Space with a size that is not so great is used to put an access door to get into the house or room. It is located on the right door, use black. Used a combination of glass ornaments to create an artistic impression on the door. Rectangular-shaped glass is placed at the center.
The right of the door, there is a wall using a glass mirror with a larger size, nearly twice the size of the door, but its height remains the same. The glass wall is capable of producing a more modern, luxurious and alegan at the wooden house. Another part of the front wall is then covered with wood arranged vertically.

Luxury Exterior Wooden House Design
 For the roof, flat shape and use the color white and can be seen clearly from the front. Although not a main building, but the front room this would be the most special part (point of view) because it can create a home look beautiful and attractive as a whole.
Behind this hall before the main building there are round in shape and have a large size and wide. Wall located at the far left has the shortest size. In place of the small wall which is also covered with glass mirrors. In addition to creating a natural lighting system, the presence of a small wall mirror glass wall also makes the display does not appear to be empty and appear brighter.
On the right, there is also the access door to get into the house, but with a more simple because it does not use the ornament as a door that was in the front.
Roof which is at the top position parallel to the roof in front of the house. Floor roof in the form of cast is used to set two white chairs, just the colors on the roof floor. In this place residents can enjoy the natural scenery surrounding the house.
The second wall was in the middle, just behind the front room. size is higher than walls that are on the left, but lower than the wall that is at the far right. Also the smallest size and narrow. Yet it still has the look of the wall part in creating the impression of a more stately and artistic as into the wall under the roof of the hall.
Then to the wall located at the far right, but had the highest measure also seen the largest and most magnificent. At the bottom, there is a window that forms a square box with a rather small size. Another window that looks similar but has a smaller size at the top of the position over to the right.
Wall on the left and above the roof of the center, a glass wall when viewed from the front looks not so clearly visible. But certainly the existence of the glass wall is capable of making a home look more and more visible light and fresh and not too monotonous.

Contemporary Interior Wooden Home Design