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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Home Design : Elegant Building With Brown Brick Color.

The use of brown brick color on the building is usually always create an impression of a darker and stiffer. However, when combined with a lighter color, the warm atmosphere of a fresh and familiar can show up well. Especially if the house is made ​​with a simpler design and less complicated.

Fig.1. Dark Brown Brick Home Design
For examples of house building as shown in figure 1. The house is located in the UK this has a very modest and simple, just a box-shaped course. There is no ornament or flashy ornamentation on this building. All the walls are straight and shaped just using bricks without any cover. This is what makes this building is dominated by the brown color of the brickAt the front, there is a door that is used as an access weeks to get into the building. The door is the amount of not one, but there are some and it's spreading from the far left to far right. All the same shape and size. Similarly, the distance between a single door with another door.
But before getting to the door, in front of a ladder which only consists of two levels or strip it. The reason of the use of these steps are in addition to beautify the look of the door as well as the position of the bag he was building the soil surface, although the distance is not so high.
There are two door leaves and using a glass material. As for the frame, using wood that was given a white coating. The use of glass and white colors on the frame produces the impression of a very elegant and luxurious in the building. Because it looks stark contrast to the brick wall of brown. The concept is applied to the manufacture of door window located at the top. This window is the same amount, with a position parallel to the door at the bottom. But for windows that are in the middle, had a more privileged. The size is longer than the window down the other
The pictures below are other brown brick home design.
Dark Brown Brick Home Design-1

Door Design of  Brown Brick House.

Elegant Brown Brick House.

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