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Friday, July 27, 2012

Furniture : Dining Chairs

A touch of floral with a classic retro furniture make dining room appear feminine. This will give you a good feel for the architecture of the House.

Floral theme selected to beautify the interior design of the dining room in this photo. Seen from the seat cover fabric motif selection, and two fruit flower painting. Florals making dining room appear feminine. Such characters to make the room feel softer and friendlier.

This dining room with kitchen. It occupies of land measuring about 2, 5mx2, 5 m. To make this room feel more spacious, new hymns are composed using a mirror view illusions,. Not only serves to "expand" space, a large framed mirror that also serves as a decorative element. The wall that was originally a plain, becomes more attractive with its presence.

Retro-Style Furniture

The use of retro-style furniture and accessories, classic looks very fit combined with floral motifs. Even though it used to be, but this classic room doesn't look ancient. To keep him performing with modern design, the selection of designs and colors furniture become important considerations.

Floral motifs in the form of large-sized flower itself is a feature of the classical style. Selection of color light blue and beige make it appear modern.

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