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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Interior Design : Doorknob and Lever Handle Design Ideas.

The door is part of a house that is very vital. In addition to being a tool of protection against a variety of crimes, the door also has the function to beautify our homes. Doors usually made ​​with wood base materials. But there are some homes or offices that use aluminum-framed glass base material. In every room is usually equipped with doors, especially doors to Livingroom as the main entrance, study room, den, bedroom, and bathroom. In order for the function of a door can be used well, a door must be equipped with hinges, doorknobs, lever handles, locks and others. The images below are some examples of lever handles and doorknobs are commonly used in modern homes.
Doorknob Design Idea-1

Doorknob Design Idea-2

Doorknob Design Idea-3

Lever Handle Design-1

Lever Handle Design-2

Lever Handle Design-3

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